Are you and your children tired of the same daycare centers that offer little-to-no learning or child development? Are you frustrated with childcare centers in Bowling Green not helping further your child’s education or growth? Then Smart Start Child Care in Bowling Green is the perfect child care center for you. Here at Smart Start, we’re more than just your average cookie cutter daycare center. We offer some of the best child care services in Bowling Green, including a child development curriculum that’s designed to help your children learn and grow while they play. All the while your kids are interacting and creating lasting relationships with kids their own age.

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Child Care Curriculum

What sets us apart from other daycare centers in Bowling Green? Simple, we use a child care curriculum designed to help get kids motivated and excited about learning. Here at Smart Start Child Care, we believe that children learn best while they’re doing active thinking and experimenting through exploration. This has shown to help children learn and develop quicker while also helping to build positive social relationships, problem-solving skills, and other vital tools and knowledge they’ll need throughout their lives.

Smart Start uses creative child care classes to help kids learn while they play. We use a healthy balance of both play and teaching in order to help children develop. Our child care curriculum was put together by education professionals. We developed our curriculum through research and development, making sure that every aspect is beneficial for children of all ages.

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Benefits of Smart Start Child Care Curriculum:

  • Helps kids mature socially and emotionally
  • Builds foundation for academic success
  • Develop important life skills
  • Helps kids develop good relationship with learning
  • Learn through games and activities
  • Always around kids the same age
  • And more!

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Infant Day Care Center

Smart Start Child Care believes that learning begins at infancy. Here at our infant day care center, we help build a solid foundation for learning, health, and community in every child that walks through our doors. Children that are six weeks of age or older can be enrolled in our infant daycare center and get a head start with our world-class early childhood development. Our newborn care center is one of the best around. Our bright, happy environments and expert teachers make Smart Start the top-rated childcare center in Bowling Green. We also have seamless integration into our toddler care programs, meaning your child will receive the best child care around here at Smart Start.

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Benefits of Smart Start Infant Care:

  • Safe, inviting environment
  • Top-rated early childhood development
  • Taught age-appropriate social activities
  • Learn fine and gross motor skills
  • Carefully constructed curriculum and activities
  • Multi-faceted approach
  • And more!

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Summer Camps

Our summer day care programs are perfect for kids who are out of school but still want to learn and play. Smart Start Child Care offers comprehensive summer day care programs that are designed to help keep your kids active while also helping them to learn and grow even while school is out for the summer. Your kids will develop socially with children their own age while being entertained with games and activities that are designed to help further their education. We’ll provide nutritious snacks and meals every day, giving them everything they need to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Benefits of Smart Start summer camps:

  • Fun, enriching games and activities
  • Builds healthy relationships with kids of the same age
  • Gain a sense of community
  • Learn about healthy lifestyles
  • Children learn while they play
  • Make memories that last a lifetime
  • And more!

Spots for our summer camps fill up fast, so if you’re interested in signing up for a summer of fun, be sure to contact Smart Start Child Care to register for one of our summer daycare programs today!