Licensed Day Care Provider

Smart Start Child Care does more than just watch your children while you’re away at work. We provide a fun, entertaining, and safe environment for kids to play and learn with other children their same age.

We start with our infant care services, offering nurturing and stimulating care for children six weeks of age or older. Our toddler daycare services give your little explorer a chance to interact with the world around them along with learning social skills at a young age. For older children, our expertly formatted child care curriculum is designed to help kids learn important life lessons while they play.

Learn About Upcoming Events

Here at Smart Start in Bowling Green, we also have fun weekly and monthly events, all designed to help make our daycare services even better. Our events are constantly changing here at Smart Start, so the best way to find out which one is happening this week is to contact us, or come in for a free tour of one of our world-class Bowling Green daycare centers.

With three locations around Bowling Green, there’s sure to be one close to you. Contact Smart Start Child Care today to learn about our upcoming events, or schedule a free tour of one of our locations if you’re interested in our child care services.

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