Important Information:

Parent and Provider agree to provide 2-week notice of termination of the childcare. Parent agrees that if 2-weeks’ notice is not given to Provider prior to withdraw of the child from the Provider’s care, the final 2 weeks fees will still be paid to Provider.

Collection’s processes will begin after 7 days of non-payment. The undersigned agrees to be liable for all cost of collection, including attorney’s fees and court cost.

Parents will pay late fee of $10.00 per day if payment is not received by 6:00 pm on the weekly due date of Thursday. Parent agrees that if tuition doubles, including all late-fees, the child will be suspended from care until tuition and late fees are paid in full. If no payment is made the collection’s process will begin.

The late fee of $2.50 per min per child without notice is understood and agreed upon. If a parent is a no-call/no-show, then after 30 minutes the alternate contact will be called to get the children. If the parents or alternate contacts do not show an hour after closing, the police will be notified.

Parent agrees to pay $20.00 if a check is returned to the provider, plus the amount of the balance due for childcare, within 24 hours of getting notice of a returned check.

List of Holiday Closings

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • March 29 – Good Friday
  • May 27 – Memorial Day
  • July 4 – Independence Day
  • September 2 – Labor Day
  • November 28-29 – Thanksgiving Break
  • December 24-26 – Christmas Break

Childcare fees are due regardless of whether or not your child attends. You are paying for a position, as well as a service. The normal hours you are contracted for are paid weekly in advance every week regardless of attendance (unless vacation days are being used, with notice). These fees are due regardless of unforeseen or arranged absences such as illness or appointments. If a part time child is not in attendance, the normal tuition is still due. A part time child takes up a fulltime spot.