Our Preschool Centers Create a Great Learning Environment

Child Care Learning

Dedicated to your child’s learning and growth, Smart Start Child Care in Bowling Green is here to help get kids motivated and excited about learning. Smart Start’s curriculum emphasizes creative child care classes. These incorporate the idea that children learn by doing active thinking, experimenting, and exploring. This helps children develop positive social interactions, practice problem-solving skills, and learn about the world.

At Smart Start, we believe that a healthy balance of playing and learning will help your child develop by leaps and bounds. Not only does this help them mature socially and emotionally, but it helps build a foundation for academic success as well. When your child learns through play, they’re developing skills needed for a healthy life, as well as helping them enjoy learning through games and constructive activities.

Our child learning curriculum is designed to help strengthen all areas of development. These include:





If you’re interested in learning more about the best child care in Bowling Green, then see below to learn more about Smart Start Child Care. We’re more than just a daycare; we help children grow and learn, getting them ready for the full lives ahead of them today. If you have any questions about our curriculum or company, feel free to contact Smart Start to learn more!

We invite you to schedule a tour of one of our preschool centers. We look forward to meeting with you!