Our Day Care Facilities Create an Ideal Environment for Learning

One of the keys to learning is a well-planned environment. That’s why Smart Start is dedicated to providing stimulating child care classrooms that promote a child’s inquisitiveness and love for learning. The Smart Start facility is specifically designed to provide a warm, intimate, and secure environment for children to learn, explore, and develop at their own pace.

Classroom Layout

We understand that there are specific ways to arrange a room to support and encourage a child’s exploration of the world. For instance, our infant rooms have plenty of floor space to promote gross motor development, while school-age children are provided with environments that encourage social interaction and individual exploration.

Clean Spaces

We take cleanliness very seriously at our day care facilities and take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs, including:

  • All staff is trained on proper state-regulated cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  • Any spaces or toys that the children come into contact with are thoroughly sanitized throughout the day.
  • Deep cleaning of the classroom after students depart every day.
  • Professional cleaning service used every weekend

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