Subjects you can teach kids in summer and child care tips

While the seasons are still catching up, summer break is already here for many around the country. This means three-ish months without learning or school for kids all around the United States. In that time, children can forget what they learned during the school year in what many researchers and experts call the “Summer Slide”. Without regular engagement and learning, children can take a large step back in their academic careers during summer break. In today’s blog, Smart Start, the best child care facility in Bowling Green, KY, will go over some of the subjects you can have your children practice during the summer to help keep them away from the Summer Slide.


Math is one of the most easily forgotten subjects during the summer months. Children work hard all year to sharpen their math skills, only to have them dropped during the summer. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more are all in danger of being forgotten June through August, forcing your child have to learn all of the math they learned the previous year before they start learning anything new.

Help your child keep ahead of their math class by having them practice during the summer. You can use things like flashcards and math equations, or you can use fun games to help your child remember everything they learned during the school year. You don’t have to break out the calculus books you used in high school, but simple math problems every week can help your children stay ahead of their math homework the time school starts.


Reading proficiency is another area of academic success that suffers during the summer. Children that don’t read in some aspect during the summer have been shown to have their reading test scores drop during the next school year. This could not only affect your child’s academic success, but possibly their entire lives. Having kids read during the summer can help them stay interested in school as well as help boost their vocabulary and reading skills.

Other things to teach kids during the summer:

  • Critical thinking
  • Patterns
  • Morals
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical education

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