Prepare your kids for school and other child care tips

School is right around the corner. For parents it’s a time of both relief and pressure to make sure their kids are ready for the new school year. At Smart Start Child Care we know getting ready for the school year can be just as stressful as the school year itself. But fear not, Bowling Green, because our handy guide is here to help.

Take Your Kids On A Tour

A tour of the school is especially helpful for children who are just starting school or have moved to a new one. Find out what room your child will be in, and ask if you and your family can take a tour of the school. Show them the classroom, cafeteria, gym, bathrooms and anywhere else they’ll frequent throughout the year. This will help them get to know their surroundings and help them feel more comfortable in their new school or classrooms. If it’s an option or they’re available at the school, try introducing your kids to their teacher before the year begins. This will help them build their relationship earlier and get them situated even faster. You can also have your kids spend time with other students during the summer who will be attending the same school or class.

Take Your Kids Back-To-School Shopping

No child enjoys going to the store, unless it involves something they want. Back-to-school shopping may not be very high on the list at first, but when you let them pick their own school supplies, that may change. Let them choose everything they’ll be using that year, from the backpack all the way down to the pencils. If they need new clothes, let them select a few of their favorite outfits. Let them pick out a new pair of shoes, and your kids will be ecstatic to show them off to their new classmates come school time. Not only will this get your kids excited for the new school year with brand new supplies and clothes, but it gives you a chance to spend quality time together as a family.

Start The Routine Early

About a week or so before the school year begins, start preparing for the morning routine. Have them wake up like they’re going to school. Have them shower, get dressed, eat breakfast – everything they’re going to be doing in about a week. Make sure they know where all of their supplies, homework, and books are before they leave, so they get in the habit of remembering to bring everything they need for class. You can even time them and see if they can beat the previous day’s “score” to challenge your kids. Reward your children with a nice breakfast, a fun family activity or even just a trip back to bed for a few more moments of sleep if they beat their times.

Keep Them Studying

Whether it’s math, reading or social studies, kids can always use practice with homework and tests. Summer is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on the next year. Have your kids do weekly or daily summer homework to keep their minds sharp and avoid any loss of knowledge from the previous year. You can put together math problems, assign nightly readings or even take them to historical or educational places around Bowling Green. As long as it’s educational in some way, your children will benefit from the experience now and later when school begins.

Plan The Process

Have a plan going into the school year. Have an idea of when bedtimes will be, where in the house your kids can do homework and what time they have to have it done by. Know where their bus will be picking them up and dropping them off, establish a carpool with other parents or know the quickest, safest routes to your Bowling Green school. Have your children pick out their outfits for the next day, or week if you’re extra meticulous, and have lunches ready for the next day. If they’re attending after school programs, know when your kids will be there, when they’ll be picked up, and have any and all contact info written down or saved somewhere in your phone. Know your routine before it starts, and your family will be ready for anything.

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