Places to take your toddler in Bowling Green

Now that your toddler can walk, they want to go everywhere. Sometimes they go places and get into things that they shouldn’t, like the pet’s food or the dirty laundry. You want to take them out to learn and explore, but sometimes sporting events and restaurants just aren’t the right fit. If you’re wondering where some good places to take your toddler may be, Smart Start Child Care, Bowling Green’s best childcare center, has a few suggestions that can make your outing with your toddler fun, educational, and memorable.

1 – Museums

Toddlers love to learn new things, and what better place to do that then at a museum? If your toddler can’t sit still and has a drive to learn, a museum is the best place to take them. Take them to a natural history museum where they can learn about space, the Earth, and, best of all, dinosaurs! Your toddler will be in awe of everything new around them. Or you can take them to a children’s museum where not only can they learn, but they can play. Children’s museums have a knack for combining learning and play with fun, interactive exhibits that you and your toddler can participate in. If these don’t strike your fancy, you can always take your kids to train museums, sports museums, and even yarn museums. Whichever museum you choose to visit you’re sure to have a good time learning with your kids.

2 – Zoos

Is there anything kids love more than animals? Maybe snacks, but animals are definitely near the top of the list. Like museums, your toddler will love walking around and looking at things they’ve never seen before. If you have a budding biologist, zoologist, or veterinarian, then the zoo is the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Take them all around the facility to see the lions, tigers, and bears and watch as they say “Oh my!” Help them learn about new and different animals, teach them where they come from, how they walk around, and even what they sound like. Your kids will love seeing the animals from their favorite TV shows, movies, and books. If they get too tired, you can carry them on your shoulders or rent a wagon to keep the urban safari going all day. And if they want those snacks, you can always make a pit stop at one of the zoo’s snack bars to refuel.

3 – The Park

Who doesn’t love climbing on a jungle-gym and sliding down a slide? Toddlers love to play, especially on brightly colored, shiny objects that just scream playtime. If your toddler is always on the go, try taking them to the park. They’ll love going outside and actually being able to climb on things without getting in trouble. They can swing, slide, jump, dig, and run around in a fun, safe environment. Push them on the tire swing, run up and down the playground with them, or jump across the moving bridge. Your toddler will absolutely love spending the day in play with their favorite people, and you’ll love helping him or her feel that way. Plus getting them tired for their afternoon nap is always an added bonus.

4 – A Hike

Nature holds an untold amount of wonder and splendor, just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking for fun, free all-day activities then look no further than the trails, valleys, and mountains in your very own backyard. Take your kids on a tour of your great state and show them the natural majesty of the world around them. Not only will they see beautiful sights and spend time with you, but once you all reach the end, they’ll gain a sense of accomplishment. You can teach them the pleasures of having a goal, working to achieve it, and then triumphing. Hiking also helps kids get in touch with the world around them, and getting to experience that with you makes the adventure that much more fun. And just like a good play session or a walk around the zoo, your toddler will be exhausted by the time you’re done.

5 – Sporting Events

This one isn’t for everyone. Some people like to wait for their kids to be a little older before taking them to a sporting event, so they can remember it and appreciate it more. Plus the large crowds and loud noise may not be suitable for a toddler. But if you think your child is ready, then a sporting event may be the perfect outing for your family. If the game is outside and during the day, make sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, though you can buy the latter two at the game if need be. If the event is inside or during the colder months, be sure to bring a jacket or coat and any other warm clothes you may need.

Either way, if you take your toddler to a sporting event with a large crowd, you may want to consider bringing or purchasing noise canceling headphones. And not the audio kind; we’re talking about protective headphones like you see construction workers or stock car pit crews wearing. Young ears can be fragile, and you’ll want to protect them as much as possible. If you don’t have access to protective headphones, but still want to take your toddler to a sporting event, try smaller venues with less people. It will still be fun just in a much safer environment.

We here at Smart Start Child Care hope this blog has helped you find some fun ideas for your family. If you’re looking for the best toddler care in Bowling Green, look no further than Smart Start. View our professional curriculum, learn more about Smart Start, or contact us to answer any questions about our schools.