Christmas is here, and it’s the perfect time to get a picture of your toddler with Santa.

There’s nothing more precious than having a photo of your toddler with jolly old Saint Nick, but toddlers don’t always react to meeting Santa with a┬ásmile. In fact, many of them actually have the opposite reaction! Here at Smart Start Child Care, not only do we offer toddler care in Bowling Green, we also want to help you enjoy a Merry Christmas with your toddler! That’s why we’ve come up with these tips to help you prepare your toddler to meet Santa:

#1. Introduce them to Santa ahead of time.

Before you take your child to meet Santa, tell them all about the big man in red. Read your child stories, show them iconic holiday movies and help your child write a wish list for Santa. Once your toddler understands who Santa is, they will be so excited to meet him!

#2. Think about your child’s mood.

Consider your child’s mood before you take them to meet Santa. If they are grumpy in the morning and not willing to cooperate, then it might be best to visit Santa in the afternoon. If you go at a time when your toddler is in a better mood, it will be a better experience for everyone involved.

#3. Don’t go at a busy time.

Toddlers don’t exactly have the patience thing down yet, so don’t test it by making them wait in a long line to see Santa. Try to avoid going to meet Santa on a weekend or other busy times, however, even if you go at a less-busy time, bring something to keep your toddler entertained just in case there is a line.

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