Healthy snacks your toddler will love and other child care advice

Much like a high end food critic, your toddler may be extremely picky when it comes to his or her snacks. Finding a healthy snack that your toddler will enjoy can sometimes be as difficult as cooking a five star meal. If you’re having a hard time finding healthy snacks for your toddler then let the child care experts at Smart Start Child Care help you come up with some ideas.

Smart Start offers the best Toddler Care in Bowling Green and the surrounding area, providing top notch learning, fun and stimulating activities, and highly nutritious snacks. We’ll offer options for every type of household. So whether you’re vegan, gluten or dairy free, vegetarian, or have no restrictions at all, we’ll have a healthy option for you. If your toddler has allergies and you aren’t sure if they’ll be able to safely eat a certain type of food, make sure you read the ingredients on the food label or ask your doctor if it’s safe for your child to consume the food in question.

Cold Snacks

If you aren’t the cooking type, or you’re always on the go, then a nutritious cold snack is probably more your style. Using premade or premixed ingredients, you’ll be able to make a wholesome snack for your toddler in no time at all. You’ll want to use foods that are high in vitamins and minerals while also low in sugar, harmful chemicals, and artificial colorings. Fruits and veggies will be your best friend if you’re not looking to cook, so a stop by your favorite grocery store’s produce section is highly advised.

shallow focus photography of bowl of watermelon

  • Hummus with veggies: Hummus, which is usually made with a mixture of pureed chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, and garlic, is a great source of plant-based protein. It’s low in calories and offers healthy fats and carbs to keep your little one satiated until their next meal. When purchasing store bought hummus, be sure to read the label as some varieties may contain pine nuts.
  • Sliced fruit with yogurt: If your toddler has more of a sweet tooth, slice up some of their favorite fruit and use a naturally sweetened yogurt as a dip. Rich in calcium, a mineral toddlers need to grow big and strong as well as protein and other essential vitamins, yogurt is a nutritious substitute for other sugary dips.
  • Cheese and crackers: Another great source of calcium, cheese is also high in protein and healthy fat. On top of whole grain crackers, your toddler will love this snack. Add deli meat, tuna, or uncured pepperoni or salami for added protein.
  • Celery with peanut butter: Celery is one of the few foods that is calorie negative, meaning it takes more calories to digest the food than it puts in your body. High in protein and healthy fats, peanut butter gives the celery some added flavor. Sprinkle on some raisins and you have the classic ants on a log snack.
  • Cheese stick wrapped in deli meat: Don’t have time to make a small sandwich? Get all of the essentials when you wrap a cheese stick in your toddler’s favorite deli meat. Make a protein packed turkey, ham, or roast beef wrap in seconds!

The child care professionals at Smart Start in Bowling Green hope this list has helped you. View Smart Start’s curriculum to see the courses we can offer your child. Find a Smart Start location near you, or contact us to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to stay tuned for more healthy snack ideas for your toddler!