Toddler programs that don't involve screens

When you’re out and about or at home and your toddler starts to fuss, what’s the first thing you do? If you answered somewhere along the lines of handing your kiddo a phone or tablet, or turning on the TV to keep them occupied, you’re probably not alone. However, next time you find yourself reaching for a screen to keep your child occupied, we want you to think of a few alternatives first!

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Here are some ways you can keep your child entertained without the screens!

Scavenger Hunt

You can host a scavenger hunt right in your back yard! Hand your kiddos an egg carton or a shoebox, and a list with 12 interesting things they might find while in your own yard. The list should include things that are easy and a bit more difficult to find. Slather them up in sunblock, hand them a snack and a water bottle, and set them loose! This is a fantastic way to pique their budding curiosity and learn about the world around them.

Build a Tent/Fort

Building a tent or a fort is something you can do indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather and your living space. Kids love having their own little space, and even if they’re reading a book, coloring, or taking a nap, a fort or tent that they helped build will make even mundane activities feel more special.

Play Dress-up

Create a box for dress-up role play that’s filled with clothes, costumes, and accessories. Your kids can create entire stories to play around the clothes they dress up in, and play act for quite some time. You can include your own old clothes and jewelry, as well as old Halloween costumes, household items, play jewelry, and other fun things you find around the house. We suggest not adding makeup unless you’re there to supervise.

Musical Instruments

A love for music starts young, and regardless of the type of musical instruments you have on hand, the kids will have fun creating their own style of music! You can start small with inexpensive recorders, drums, harmonicas, and keyboards. These are sensory delights and the sounds can be created in a number of ways. Your kids can sing and dance to the music, marrying music, dance, and song!

These are some easy and fun ways to create screen-free time for your toddler, and they are perfect for those days when you need something to do without leaving the house!

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