Reading is important for every child. 

Bedtimes stories are so much more than a way to get your child to calm down at the end of the day. At Smart Start Child, we are dedicated to providing the very best early child education in Bowling Green, and we know how very important it is to expose kids to reading and books. In fact, reading to and with your child comes with a variety of incredible benefits for your child, including:

#1. It helps to build a strong relationship with you and your child. 

When you read your child a bedtime story, you are bonding with your child! This will help you build a stronger relationship with your child that will remain strong through thick and thin.

#2. It improves your child’s communication skills. 

Throughout the toddler years, a child’s brain is developing rapidly, and reading daily with your child will help them to develop strong communication skills. Ask your child to repeat after you while you read so that they can practice annunciation and language in general.

#3. It teaches your child to focus on one thing. 

Young kids may squirm or get bored when you first start reading with them, but eventually, they’ll be able to sit and concentrate while you are reading to them. Reading teaches your child to focus on just one thing, which will help them concentrate more effectively later in life.

#4. It promotes academic excellence. 

Reading can set your child up for academic excellence as a whole because it increases their aptitude for learning. Many studies have shown that young children who are exposed to reading before they reach preschool do better in all areas of formal education.