We are dedicated to keeping your kids safe and healthy all summer long. 

At Smart Start Child Care, we are probably best known for our early child education programs. We offer a one-of-a-kind curriculum that encourages experimentation, active thinking and exploration. However, we don’t stop there! In addition to caring for your child’s mind, we also want to keep them healthy and safe. Summer is almost here, and although the sun makes it warm and pleasant, it can also be dangerous. It’s important to protect your child from the sun, and these tips will help:

#1. Sunscreen

When it comes to sun protection, there is nothing more important than sunscreen. It’s important to put sunscreen on your child any and every time he or she will be going outside, even if it is cloudy out. Clouds won’t protect your child from sunburns! You should also regularly reapply the sunscreen, as time, sweat and water can all wash it off or prevent it from being effective.

#2. Long Sleeves and Pants

Whenever the temperature permits, dress your child in long sleeves and pants instead of short sleeves and shorts. The less skin that is exposed to the sun, the better protected your child will be from the sun.

#3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another must during the summer. The sun can be damaging to the eyes, as well as the sensitive skin around the eyes. Sunglasses will help to protect your child’s eyes and vision from the sun’s harmful rays. The bigger the sunglasses, the better protection they provide.