Playing outside is beneficial for your child in so many incredible ways! 

Back in the day, children didn’t have tablets or phone games to keep them occupied; they had to make their own fun in the great outdoors. Many parents have worked hard to ensure that their modern-day children get plenty of outdoor playtime, and with good reason. Outdoor play is not only physically beneficial, but it is also important for social and brain development as well. Our early child education experts in Bowling Green have come up with this list of reasons to make sure that your child gets plenty of time outside:

#1. It introduces children to new things. 

There are so many new things to smell, see, hear and touch outside.  All of the new outdoor stimuli encourages children to use their brains in new ways.

#2. It isn’t a structured activity. 

One of the main things that sets outdoor play apart from the classroom is the lack of structure. With this kind of open-ended play, your child will be able to use their creativity, imagination and intelligence like never before. This type of play also allows them to make their own rules, and this promotes problem-solving skills because it forces your child to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

#3. It reinforces formal lessons. 

Playing outside is a great way to reinforce lessons from school in your child’s real life. Rather than learning about nature by simply reading a book, playing outside will bring those lessons to life!

Outdoor play is incredibly important, so encourage your child to put down their tablet and go play outside!