Math is an essential part of early child education in Bowling Green, but how do you get your kids excited about it?

Math is incredibly important. Not only does learning math help to pave the way for success in many other subjects that your child may encounter throughout their educational career, including science, statistics, sociology, psychology, economics and even art, math is also a big part of our daily lives. Making math fun is a great way to instill a basic understanding of math when children are young. That’s why we’ve come up with these tips to help you make math fun for your kids:

#1. Play math-related games with your kids. 

Children love bright colors, interaction and fun, and to them, math games are just that, games. Math games are a great way to teach your child about math, and he or she may not even realize you are doing it!

#2. Make your child’s screen time count. 

If you give your child time on a tablet or a game console, make that time count by using math apps and games. There are many wonderful apps and games out there about math; a couple notable options include Kids Math and Counting Caterpillar.

#3. Make it relevant to them. 

Kids, just like adults, can sometimes have a difficult time learning something that isn’t directly related to their lives. It’s always a good idea to show them the relevance in their own lives when teaching something new, and math is no exception. Show them how you use math to tell the time, bake cookies, cook dinner, check the temperature outside and buy things at the store.