Play is a very important learning tool for children.

When it comes to early childhood education in Bowling Green, most parents think of curriculum and classes, but there is so much more to learning than traditional studying. Play is actually a very powerful learning tool for children, and now that it is fall, you can take advantage of this long list of fun fall activities for you and your child:

#1. Bake Fall Treats

Not only is baking a great way to spend some quality time with your child, it is also a practical way to teach them about fractions and math. Baking can even be scientific! Some fun, kid-friendly recipes include pumpkin sugar cookies, apple pies, pumpkin bread and so much more!

#2. Visit a Local Farm

Many farms have special harvest events this time of year, so do a little research and find one near you. Visiting a farm can help your child learn all about how food is grown, and nothing is quite as fun as picking out your own pumpkin from a real pumpkin patch!

#3. Make Your Own Cider

Homemade cider is absolutely delicious, and your child will have a blast picking out the right apples and following all of the steps of the recipe. They may even learn a thing or too about cooking and math!

#4. Get Outside

Fall is an incredible time of the year to go outside and take in the world around you. Take your child on a nature walk somewhere closeby and have them write down any animals or insects they find.

#5. Build a Birdfeeder

Have your children help you plan out and build a birdfeeder to put in your yard! Not only will they learn how to build something with their own two hands, it is also a good opportunity to learn about the different kinds of birds.