Easter is a holiday that often gets tied to chocolate rabbits and pure sugar bunnies, and while it’s unlikely these sweet treats are going to be going anywhere, anytime soon, there are plenty of lessons that you can teach your child this Easter. As early childhood educators, we seem to find lessons in some of the least likely of places, including your typical Easter activities.

Dying Easter Eggs

As a toddler, colors are one of the most important lessons that will be learned in the classroom, and this Easter activity is one of the best ways to help educate your child on them while at home. Pick some of the most commonly known colors, in distinct shades so that they’re recognizable. You can help your child dye the eggs different colors, and practice the different names of the colors while you do so.

Easter Egg Hunt

When your toddler is learning the names of items in the house, or they are beginning to spell words, you can incorporate those lessons into a good Easter egg hunt. Whether you take the time to write out various objects in the house and have your child sound them out as they go, or you help them by hiding them in objects like pots, grass, and chairs, you can help your child better identify these objects by hiding the eggs there and help them become more familiar with these words.

Candy Counting

While it isn’t exactly a tradition on Easters, it’s safe to say that kids are given plenty of candy by the end of the day. From the baskets that they find in the mornings to the various candy-filled eggs that they find throughout the day, kids wind up with plenty of pieces of candy. A lesson that can be taught through this is counting. Whether you choose to organize the candy into specific types, or you just focus on one specific type, jelly beans, for instance, you can work on counting skills with this tasty treat.

Learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom, and we are firm believers that it doesn’t have to be a serious lesson. In fact, some of the best lessons are learned through play. Whether you’re interested in our class programs, already a part of our academy or you’re simply looking for further information for future classes moving forward, we are more than excited to help!

Happy Easter, from our family to yours.