While sending your child to Smart Start Bowling Green child care may be a necessity, there are also a ton of benefits for your child. We’ve set up an environment for your child that cultivates learning, personal growth, socialization, problem-solving, and much. Because we’re allowing your children to “play”, we’re helping them learn how to utilize real materials, develop language skills, find experimentation and logic skills, learn self-control and social skills, and build a foundation for school success.

Learning socialization skills is one of the biggest benefits of child care. In fact, it’s often the only way that toddlers and preschoolers get socialization outside of their environment! When your child receives proper socialization skills through Smart Start Child Care, they’re getting a leg up on other kids their age. By the time they start kindergarten, they will already know appropriate social behavior and social skills that involve sharing and playing well with others. We allow our children to play in both solitary and group environments so that they can learn how to take turns, develop their compromising skills, learn how to communicate, learn problem-solving skills, and learn how to form friendships among their peers.

You may be thinking that your little guy or girl is a bit shy and maybe daycare isn’t the right choice for them. On the contrary, daycare centers are a great way for shy children to come out of their shell and learn how to meet and interact with other children their age.

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