It seems like we’re always waiting for the seasons to change, but then with the blink of an eye we’ve skipped a few months and have somehow landed in May. Within a month summer will officially have started, but it will be long before that, that school is out. If you’re realizing that a summer camp is an option that you need to be considering, then you’re on the right track! But, if you’re a parent that feels staying at home in front of the TV is what will be best for your child this summer, then here are a few things to consider before it is too late to register for summer camp.


Education programs provide children with a consistent means of education and information. Every day that your child joins us at our facility, they are gaining new skills and improving their social skills, which is incredibly important for children of this age. When students take a break from one semester to the next, they can notice a decline in their skill levels and ability to pick old habits back up. By attending summer camp, your child can continue to develop skills, and will nearly eliminate the chances of any decline in their skills. While we do focus on some different aspects in the summertime, and it’s definitely more casual, it’s still extremely beneficial for children of this age.

Social Development

School can definitely be taxing, especially when kids are younger and they are spending most of the day away from their parents. If you aren’t able to dedicate too much time to your kids in the summer, or they’ll wind up sitting in front of the TV while a babysitter watches them, then it’s definitely worth considering enrolling them in a summer camp. Our summer programs provide plenty of opportunity for your child to get comfortable talking to other kids their age, but also developing their social skills in other ways, which is difficult to do when they’re sitting in front of a television.

Try New Things

Something that we pride ourselves on here at Smart Start Child Care is the unique twist that we put on our curriculum and programs. This is something that you can see when your child starts going to the summer program that we offer. We definitely ensure that they have plenty of activities to keep them busy, but also keep them testing new waters and getting out of their comfort zone. A lot of the things that we will go over are great for developing skills, learning new things and finding new passions.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to help your child out with some of the fun things that we’ll be able to provide. Fill out the form below and save your child’s spot with one of the best summer camps in Bowling Green! We can’t wait to see your child and all of the ways that they’ll grow and fine tune their skills this coming summer. If you are interested in talking to one of our classroom leaders or getting a tour of the facility, just call ahead and we’ll get something scheduled for you.