COVID-19, more commonly referred to as Coronavirus, is a global pandemic that’s causing nonessential businesses to shut down all over the world. In order to slow down and stop the spread of this infectious disease, many states and countries have issued stay-at-home orders to help keep everyone safe. This, of course, has led to the closure of many schools and child care facilities everywhere in the world. Here at Smart Start Child Care, the top-rated child care center in Bowling Green, we know how unnerving these circumstances can be, especially for those who must now figure out how to work from home while also watching their children. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over a few tips you can use to help your family get through these tough times together.

Online Classes

Many schools all over the United States are offering online classes to provide learning, even though students can’t physically come to class. Children of all ages can benefit from professionally taught online classes, whether they’re in kindergarten or college. Online classes that are taught by licensed teachers can help children learn even though they aren’t in school.

From basic counting to advanced calculus, educators everywhere are offering at-home learning for their students. If your child’s school isn’t offering online classes, there are numerous educational games and online study materials that you can take advantage of if you want your child to continue to learn. While teaching your children yourself may sound fun, we here at Smart Start recommend leaving the teaching to the professionals to help mitigate any unneeded or additional stress that may occur from at-home lessons.

Sharing Time

If you have a spouse and both of you must work from home, try trading time with them so that both of you can get work done while also helping entertain and/or educate your children. Taking breaks from work to play with your children can also relieve stress and help your family bond during these tough times. If you don’t have a spouse or your significant other can’t adjust their schedule, you can try trading child care duties with a family member or neighbor until things calm down. You can also try to find a trusted local babysitter who can watch your children for an extended period of time while you get your work done.

For essential employees who can’t rely on family members or neighbors, there are emergency child care centers set up all over the country. If you’re in need of emergency child care be sure to look up the nearest child care center in your area.

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Here at Smart Start, we know that we can get through these tough times together. While it may not seem very hopeful right now, if we stick together and help one another, we can all get through this crisis. After health officials and local governments deem it’s safe, we will be offering our regular child care services once again. When you need unrivaled child care in Bowling Green, be sure to partner with Smart Start. Learn more about our child care services, get to know our child care curriculum, or contact Smart Start to answer any questions.