dreamstime_xxl_54958229It’s time for a shift in how we view snacking. 

Snacking has a bad reputation in our society. Snacking is seen as a pathway to weight gain, and with childhood obesity and diabetes on the rise, it’s no wonder why many parents are wary of snacking. While it’s certainly true that snacking the wrong way can lead to obesity and diabetes, snacking the right way is an incredibly important part of a healthy diet.

Why is snacking so important?

While an adult can get away with just eating three square meals a day, a child needs snacks, and one of the biggest reasons is the size of his or her stomach. Children have small stomachs, and they can’t possibly eat enough in a single meal to stay full for a prolonged period of time. Not only does snacking keep children full and satisfied, it also keeps them energized so that they can focus. Additionally, giving your child healthy snacks when he or she is still  young helps to create a healthy relationship with food throughout their lives. By consistently giving your child healthy snacks, your child will learn to associate snacking with nutritious foods rather than the typical snack foods most people think of, such as cookies, chips or candy.

Children need snacks, but it’s important to make the right snack choices. At our after school program in Bowling Green, we make it a point to provide your child with a delicious, nutritious snack. Contact us today to learn more about the snacks we provide and our after school program in general!