A better option for after school care.

In a perfect world, you would get off of work in time to pick your child up and spend the afternoon and evening with them, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often. If you are like most working parents, there are a couple of hours in between when you child gets out of school and when you get home for the day. You could hire a babysitter every day, but what happens if they are sick or otherwise unable to take care of your child? Find a better option with the after school programs at Smart Start Child Care.

Know that your child is having fun and learning in a safe environment.

As a part of our after school programs, we will ensure that your child is dropped off safely. That means that one of our staff members will meet your child’s school bus to ensure that they arrive safely. Find out about bus pickups and drops at Smart Start Child Care by contacting your child’s elementary school. During our after school program, your child will enjoy a yummy, nutritious snack, they will be able to get help with their homework and they will have the opportunity to engage in fun, age appropriate activities. When you have Smart Start Child Care on your side, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands.

Are you ready to enjoy a better option for after school care? What are you waiting for? At Smart Start Child Care, we are always happy to help so contact us today to get started!